SharePoint Data Doc

Purchase Sharepoint Data Doc

Download the Trial Version and try it out for yourself. You can register it at any time!

Purchasing a subscription allows you to keep using SharePoint Data Doc beyond the 30 day trial period.

Once the purchase is complete you will be sent an email containing your Product ID. Enter this into the Product ID field in the Settings page of the SharePoint Data Doc. Then click the Request Activation Button to activate your version of SharePoint Data Doc.

Individual Subscription - $199 Per Year
  Enterprise 300 Subscription (Up to 300 Users) - $750 Per Year Contact
  Enterprise 600 Subscription (Up to 600 Users) - $1000 Per Year Contact
  Enterprise Unlimited Subscription (Unlimited Users) - $1500 per Year Contact

If you have purchased multiple subscriptions you will then be able to use the Product ID that you receive to activate SharePoint Data Doc on successive computers, until you have reached your total number of subscriptions purchased.

If you have any queries or any problems with your purchase, please do not hesitate to contact us at Support Queries